Plastic vs. Wood Sheds: 3 Reasons Why Wood Sheds are Better

Jun 7

Soon after you decide to purchase a shed, you will need to choose which type of shed you want. There are many different types of sheds available: wood sheds, plastic sheds, and metal sheds, for example. Plastic sheds are also sometimes called resin sheds or vinyl sheds. We’ll talk about the two most popular options: wood and plastic.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of sheds, but wooden sheds are the overall better option when considering durability, appearance, and maintenance. Once you read the following 3 reasons why wood sheds are better, you’ll feel confident going the “wooden” route for your dream shed.

Wood Sheds are Durable and Secure

One of the main pros of wood storage sheds is that they are stronger than plastic sheds. Plastic sheds are composed of manmade materials that just don’t compare to wood.

Wood Sheds are the Standard in Durability

Plastic sheds are not able to withstand extreme weather conditions like wood can. Plastic sheds are flimsy in harsh weather and are prone to warping in very hot or cold conditions.

Wood is the best material for sheds because it can stand up to strong winds and extreme temperatures, making them especially good for those who live in an unpredictable climate. Not only that, a wooden shed can last a long time (often 7 or more years).

Wood Sheds Provide Superior Security

If you store valuables in your shed, security is likely a major concern. A wood shed can be just as secure as a residential home, so you can rest assured that your belongings are safe.

Plastic sheds, on the other hand, can be broken into quite easily. You may have to buy additional features for a plastic shed to ensure your things do not get stolen.

wood shed


plastic shed


Wooden Sheds are Attractive and Customizable

Wooden sheds always look attractive and timeless, while plastic sheds lose their luster over time. Plus, wood sheds are much easier to customize and make your own.

Wood’s Aesthetic Appeal is Undeniable

Wood works beautifully on any property. Whether you have modern or classical decor, you can find a wooden shed that fits your personal style.

Plus, it’s possible to paint a wood shed any color to match your house or other structures on your property. It’s impossible to paint a plastic shed, and if you later change your landscaping or house, you cannot alter a plastic shed to match.

While many manufacturers make plastic sheds that imitate the aesthetic of wood grain, there is nothing like the real thing.

Wood Sheds Can Be Customized

Wooden sheds come in a variety of configurations, so you can choose the best option for you.

If you need a place to house your animals, opt for a wooden barn! If you need space to keep your gardening tools, a wood garden shed is perfect. Wooden sheds offer the highest degree of customization via wall shelving, windows, and hooks. You can even create extra storage space if you desire.

Plastic sheds don’t come in many configurations. On top of that, customizing a plastic shed can be extremely expensive, if not impossible. Plastic shed walls often cannot support shelves or hooks, so storage space may be at a premium. You can purchase extra parts from the shed manufacturer, but these extras often come at a sky-high price.

Your shed should be useful from roof to floor, and a wood shed can be customized to precisely fit your needs.

Wooden Sheds are Easy to Assemble and Maintain

As any shed ages, repairs may be necessary. There are many misconceptions regarding wood sheds. Some people say they are difficult to maintain, protect, and repair. This could not be further from the truth, and this section will tell you why.

Wooden Shed Assembly is Easy

Wood sheds are easy to assemble. They come in kits that have all the materials and tools that you need to complete the assembly.

Plastic sheds are difficult to assemble because each part must click in precisely. This means that if your foundation is the least bit uneven, you’ll have a rough time getting the parts to align.

Wood Sheds Offer No-Fuss Maintenance

You may be surprised to know that you can repair your wooden shed on your own in many cases. Even if a professional repair is required, you won’t likely have to pay a ridiculous price. If you care for your new shed, you won’t have to worry about excessive repairs in the future.

Any maintenance necessary for your new shed will be occasional and limited to painting, bug-proofing, and keeping vegetation at a distance. Otherwise, you can treat the wood yourself with a repellant. If you put in a little work, your shed will last well past the warranty.

Pro tip: You may have heard that wood tends to attract termites and other critters. To put your mind at ease, purchase a wood shed that’s made of pre-treated wood – this will keep the pests out. Heartland Sheds offers wood sheds that are bug-resistant and weather-resistant, so your shed will last.

Is a Wood Shed the Best Choice?

A wood shed is the best shed type for anyone who wants a lasting, useful storage solution for their backyard. For the above reasons, and more, many find that purchasing a quality wood shed is the right decision.