A Guide to Winter Sheds: Building & Maintaining a Shed in Winter

Jun 7

Most people assume that sheds should only be built in summer when there isn’t a chance of snow or ice impeding shed construction. But there are several reasons why it’s beneficial to build a shed in winter. And, no matter the time of year you build a shed, you will need to consider the best ways to keep your storage shed in good condition during the colder months.

Why Build a Shed in Winter?

You may be wondering: why should I build a shed during the winter? Especially if you live in an area with significant snowfall, this may be a challenge. But, it can still be worthwhile to build a backyard shed before spring rolls around.

why build shed in winter

Protect Your Garden & Lawn Equipment

Do you have a lawnmower, garden tools, or bikes filling up your garage during the winter months? Or do they have to sit on your driveway or in your backyard? If you leave equipment outside, it may get damaged by the cold weather or water seeping in, even if you cover it with a tarp. It’s a good idea to plan ahead before winter hits, but sometimes it’s not possible. And if you find that your items are getting damaged by the harsh weather, you will benefit from building a shed right away.

winter storage of tools

Get Out of Your House Without Leaving

Winter often feels like the longest season for so many reasons. Your house may seem too full after a short amount of time: with stuff, people, etc. Or, you may feel like you need a getaway. Building a shed will help get you out of the house without requiring travel: you can spend time building and decorating the shed exactly the way you want it, and then you can use the shed as a space to work on a hobby. Or even as an office shed!

shed house for winter

Faster Service to Build Your Shed

If you want professional help to build your shed, winter is the perfect time to schedule that service. Because it is not the most popular season for building, you will likely have a faster response and more availability to schedule than you would during the summer.

Getting Ready for Spring

Keep in mind that building a wooden shed in winter means your home and backyard will be ready for use in the spring. If you spend the wintertime building and setting up your shed to your liking, you can put it to good use the moment the weather gets warm again. Whether this means you’re using it as a garden shed to store materials to start your seasonal garden or as a social hub for gatherings, you will be happy you used the winter to get things ready in advance.

build shed in winter to be ready for spring

How to Prepare Your Shed for Winter

Whether you are building your shed during the winter or you want to winterproof an existing wooden shed, here are some tips that will help you get started.

Fill in Any Holes or Cracks

This is crucial to ensuring your shed is ready to go for winter. Especially if your shed has been around for a few years, you’ll need to check the roof, around the windows and doors, and the walls to be sure that there aren’t any opportunities for moisture or frost to sneak inside.


No winter shed is complete without waterproofing. In fact, no shed – in general, no matter the season – will hold up well without some sort of waterproofing. Luckily, all Heartland Sheds products come with Treated LP® Siding, which protects your shed from the elements, rot, decay, and insects. Be sure to finish waterproofing by caulking all joints on the shed (in addition to those critically caulked by the installer).

Snow Load

When you buy a shed, it is important to consider how much snow you expect to get during the winter months. Do you live in an area with heavy, frequent snow? Are there occasional blizzards that may cause damage if you don’t plan properly? Or are you in an area where snow isn’t a major concern? When you buy a shed, you can see what the snow load capacity for the roof is. For example, all of the sheds from Heartland Sheds can handle 30 pounds per square foot. You’ll also want to clear off snow from the roof of your shed as soon as you can after it falls.

winter shed snow load

Insulate Your Shed

Insulating your shed is not critical for prepping for winter and is not always recommended by the manufacturer. But, it is sometimes desirable, especially if you plan on using the shed as a living space during the winter. Heartland Sheds does not sell insulated or heated sheds, but it is possible to add these features to your shed on your own after it is installed.

insulate shed for winter

Heartland Sheds Has the Winter Shed for You

Heartland Sheds offers a wide variety of wooden shed options, from small garden sheds to extra-large barn-style sheds. Each one comes with sturdy construction that will help your shed last through the winter without much additional maintenance. Treated LP® Siding keeps your shed dry, free of rot, and wards off insects. Plus, our rigid 2×4 wall framing is built to stand up to intense wind and heavy snow loads. Find the perfect shed for all seasons at Heartland Sheds today.