Working from Home? 4 Reasons You Need a Home Office Shed

Jul 31

As a remote worker, you can understand how your home office space (or lack thereof) can significantly affect your productivity and success.

If you’re like many trying to make working remote, you may be experiencing some frustration – especially if you have commandeered the kitchen table. And even if you have a dedicated room as your home office, day-to-day distractions and interruptions can take a bite out of your concentration and quality of work.

Does all this sound familiar?

Enter the backyard office shed! Many home workers choose to move out of the house and build an office shed on their property. Here are some reasons you should consider doing the same.

A Private Shed Office Space Increases Productivity

guy looking at shed office space
Science has proven time and time again how office environment affects productivity, and a virtual plethora of articles and advice can be found online on how to create the best lighting, ambient noise, air quality, temperature, and even color combinations to improve efficiency and morale.

The fact is your home was probably not engineered for productivity. It was more likely designed to encourage interaction. However, you can thoughtfully design a work-inducing space in a small office shed to create the perfect environment for getting work done.


You’ll Have Peace and Quiet in a Backyard Office Shed

 “Honey, where’s the hammer?”mom working in office shed
“Dad, David won’t stop!

Especially if you have kids at home, constant interruptions can disrupt your work flow and leave you feeling frazzled.

With a home office shed, you are not as accessible to well-meaning family members for unimportant interruptions and distractions. The normal noise of family life melts away, allowing you to concentrate on being productive.

Building an Office Shed Gives You Dedicated Space for Work Materials

How many times a day do you find that you have to get up to find a notepad, pen, or grab a snack from the kitchen? Every time you go in search of something you need, you interrupt your train of thought and open yourself up to distractions.

You can design a backyard office wood shed so that everything you need to do your job right at your fingertips… including snacks in a small refrigerator. You can install shelves to hold books and supplies, tables for your computer and printer – and any other custom solutions to suit your unique needs.

A Shed Office Combo Increases Professionalism

office shed comboIt’s hard to feel professional when perched on a stool at your kitchen island. And if your job requires you to attend Zoom meetings, the magnet-covered refrigerator and random family member wandering around in the background (sometimes not fully clothed…not that we know anything about that!) hardly present a professional image to coworkers and clients.

Your dedicated home office shed not only provides you with the privacy you need, it gives you a feeling of professionalism you can’t get inside your home.

Also, with a small office shed, you can have fun designing a pleasing and professional background for those Zoom meetings.

So if you’re having trouble getting work done at home, consider installing a backyard office shed. You’ll be glad you did (and so will your boss!).

If you’re looking for the perfect work-from-home office space, check out our Studio Office shed. Also shown below.