Storage Sheds you Will Have to See to Believe!

Jun 7

A few months ago, Jeanine Centuori, chairwoman of the undergraduate architecture program at Woodbury University, approached us about an unique idea she had for her class. The unique challenge presented to the architecture students from Woodbury University in Burbank, CA was to transform a standard shed kit from Heartland Industries into the coolest and smartest cabin they could come up with.

We were thrilled to help out the university in this project. The catch was that the students had to use our 10×10 shed kit and transform it into a building that could accommodate two people for sleeping. In addition, the shed had to provide light, ventilation and insulation. Lastly, they had to complete this assignment without spending over $1,500.

While some of the architecture students were slightly intimidated by the project at first, as you can see in the pictures below, it was a huge success.

“We pushed ourselves to use wood in a different way,” said student John Epperly, whose group finished the interiors with oriented strand board, the structural panels left exposed for an organic-meets-industrial look in some modern architecture. “We wanted the space to feel natural and elegant and not at all like a shed.”

Unique and Earth Friendly Storage Sheds

The students even used organic and or recycled materials to make this an earth friendly shed building project. I would be willing to bet that the students never looked at our instruction manual. However, when creative minds and skillful architecture students get together, the end result will usually be quite stunning. Don’t take our word for it, just look at the pictures below!

Red shed exterior. Person standing next to open door. Circular windows added all over shed wall. Three sheds lined up in front of wooden deck. Red shed exterior. Circular windows added all over shed wall. Red shed exterior. Circular windows added all over shed wall.Group of four sheds lined up.Shed interior. Circular windows added all over shed wall. Person sitting on shelf.