Top Home Office Shed Ideas to Create Your Perfect Workspace

Jun 7

With millions of people working from home these days, many are discovering the benefits of building an office shed in the backyard – or turning an existing shed into a shed office combo.

There are many reasons for building an office shed, but one of the best things about an outdoor office shed is that you can really let your creativity shine, designing a custom space that perfectly meets your productivity needs and fits your unique style.

We’ve gathered up some top home office shed ideas to help you create your perfect workspace on your property.

Show Off Your Green Thumb with a Garden Office Shed

If gardening is your thing, bring the outdoors in with a garden shed office studio. Plant decorative, flowering plants around the border, and along a quaint stone path leading to the front door. Install flower boxes under the windows for visual pop, and paint the outside walls to coordinate with your foliage.

Be sure to continue your garden theme on the inside, with freshly painted walls, indoor plants, and garden-themed accessories. You can even your garden home office pull double-duty as a garden shed, storing your gardening tools on shelves, or hanging them from the ceiling. Voila… instant garden-themed design elements!

garden office shed in backyard garden office shed desk idea garden office shed floor

Show Your Design Style with a Modern Office Shed

Clean lines, open spaces, and high functionality are hallmarks of modern design in any medium, and home offices are no exception. This particular design style goes a long way for many people in making their workspace feel professional and productive, marrying form and function seamlessly.

In keeping with modern contemporary style, use neutral, light colors on the walls, but don’t be afraid to add bold color pops! Streamline your workflow with open shelving, non-bulky modular furniture, and non-glare lighting. Think minimalist style, with open, clean spaces.

modern style office shed idea

Make Your Home Office Shed Your Man Cave

In recent history this term is popularly credited to John Gray, author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, who in 1992 wrote:  “[A man] becomes very quiet and goes to his private cave to think about his problem, mulling it over to find a solution.” However, the Man Cave has actually been “a thing” for centuries.

He shed office spaces are typically marked by deep, richly masculine colors (greys, browns, blacks, creams, and metallics), clean straight lines, natural materials (wood, metal, stone, and leather) and warm lighting.

And with a backyard home office shed, you can light up a stogie on a break without stinking up the house!

man cave office shed interior

Check out these She Shed Office Ideas

Not to be outdone by their male counterparts, women’s answer to the man cave is the “she shed”. Busy moms and female professionals need private space, too, and they don’t want to sacrifice style to get it.

For a more typically feminine touch for your home office shed, think light, airy colors… graceful, flowing lines… softer textures and materials… and delicately scaled accessories.

However, don’t be limited by stereotypically masculine/feminine design tropes! We know several women who prefer bold, darker colors – and men who enjoy a light and airy environment. The key is to design a home office shed that appeals to you.

office she shed idea she shed office ideas country style she shed

Build an Office Shed with an English Pub Vibe

Why not carry the fun into the evenings or weekends, by designing your home office shed to pull double-duty as a  bar shed!

Install a wall-desk with hinges so you can tuck the desk away to make room for playing steel-tip darts with friends and family. Build a European-style bar, install a keg with old-fashioned draught pulls, and hang vintage beer mirrors and advertising tins.

Or ditch the English Pub theme and go biker bar, or sports bar. Whatever wets your whistle!

Office and bar shed: Exterior of blue shed. Window opens up to shelf table and four chairs. Awning extends from shed. Table and six bar stools under awning.


Which of these backyard office shed ideas spark your interest? Maybe you have some ideas of your own. The sky is the limit, and with a little creativity, you can create an outdoor home office you’ll be happy to work in every day.

If you don’t already have a shed on your property, come check out the convenience and value Heartland Sheds offers. We can make building an office shed an affordable reality – giving you a comfortable, private space where you can work professionally, think creatively, and be productive.

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