10 Amazing She Shed Ideas That Will Inspire You to Design Your Own Space

Jun 7

She sheds are a new trend among women who are looking for their own space to pursue hobbies, socialize with friends, or just spend some time to themselves. It’s the equivalent of a man cave, but traditionally designed with more feminine touches. Although, the only limit for your she shed is your imagination (and the size of your shed)! A she shed should be, above all else, a place for you to enjoy yourself.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite types of she sheds in this list, and we hope you find new ideas to spruce up the shed in your backyard (or the push you need to finally purchase the shed of your dreams).

1. Library or Reading Nook

She Shed reading nook with chair and side table next to window.

Are you a book lover? Create the perfect space to curl up with a good book. If your book collection in your house is beginning to overflow and create clutter, then a she shed is the solution to your bookish problems. Add cozy seating along with the shelves – just for yourself, or make the space to host a book club among your favorite texts. If you’re a writer, you may even want to add a desk so you can find the inspiration to write amidst your books.

2. She Shed for Crafting

Crafting She Shed: Pastel green shed with sign on door that reads "She Shed."

A she shed is a great place for crafting projects. Crafts can be messy and supplies take up a lot of space, whether your craft of choice is sewing, DIY furniture restoration, or scrapbooking. Restoring an old shed or buying a new one for this specific purpose will help you dedicate space and attention to your favorite crafting hobbies.

You can also showcase your favorite finished crafts in your shed. Maybe you’ll make a custom sign to hang outside of your shed or crochet a throw blanket. The possibilities are endless when you have your own space.

3. Garden Shed

Exterior of garden She Shed: Flower box with wildflowers in front of window.

Gardening is another hobby that requires a good number of supplies, and in this case, it’s particularly advantageous to have a shed in the backyard with everything you need. Use a garden shed to store lawnmowers, wheelbarrows, soil, and other gardening tools. Or use it as a potting shed, and perform some of your gardening tasks in the shed itself.

Even the garden shed itself can be a showcase for your plants! Decorate your shed with windowboxes and planters, either inside, outside, or both. This will bring color and life to your backyard and give your shed a custom feel. See the image of the shed above for an example.

Heartland Sheds has a shed designed specifically for gardening if you’re looking for an excellent new garden shed that will stand up to harsh weather. It includes an integrated transom door window to let in some natural light.

4. Bar Shed

Bar She Shed: Blue hanging chair with decorative pillows, round coffee table, and bar cart.

A she shed doesn’t just have to be a space for you: it can also be a place for social gatherings! If you and your friends want to explore beer, wine, or cocktails, a bar is a fun set-up and creates a great reason to get together with friends on a regular basis. Add a bar cart, like in the image above, or go all out and install a fully functional, permanent bar. You could even pursue interests in brewing beer or making creative cocktails. If you’re not much of an alcohol drinker, you could set up an espresso or tea-themed bar instead.

For more bar shed ideas and instructions for how to build a bar shed, check out this blog post.

5. Game Room She Shed

Game room She Shed: Barn style shed shown with doors open revealing colorful interior. Tennis rackets hung on doors, croquet setup outside.

Games are not just for man caves. Do you like board games? Tabletop games? Ping pong or darts? What about video games? A she shed is the perfect place to have people over for a game night. You will love having your own space dedicated to your game of choice.

Also, consider using your shed as a hangout space near a backyard badminton net or croquet set, like the shed pictured. You’ll be able to serve drinks and snacks without running back into the house every five minutes, and guests can sit and relax when they get tired.

6. Home Office

Home office She Shed: Desk and lamp, red swivel chair, colorful rug, and cork board.

Maybe you work from home or run a business out of your house. If that’s the case, your she shed could double as a home office. The best thing about turning a shed into a home office is that it allows you to separate your home life from your work life, while retaining the benefits of working from home.

Consider adding some homey touches to the design, so you can spend the day working in comfort in your quiet, private space. Imagine: you get to design your own work space, exactly the way you want. Do you want to add carpet? Or maybe hardwood floor with a colorful rug? Paint the walls a color that makes you happy and add plants to liven up the interior of the shed. These are all options at your disposal.

If you’re thinking about turning your she shed into a home office, we’ve rounded up our favorite home office shed ideas here.

7. Gym or Yoga Studio

Gym or yoga studio She Shed: Exterior of dark green shed with small patio and flower pots.

If you’re a fitness junkie, you may prefer a she shed that doubles as a gym. Or, depending on your exercise of choice, a yoga or dance studio. Take virtual fitness classes or just set up your equipment and ensure that your daily workout time goes uninterrupted. Design your dream gym space and find new ways to love your fitness routine.

Choose a shed with windows for natural lighting in your studio. No one likes working out in dark space. The shed in the image above makes great use of windows, both in the double doors, but also on the side of the shed. And, if desired, light can be softened by curtains for a post-yoga meditation session.

8. Indoor/Outdoor She Shed

Indoor/Outdoor She Shed: Studio style white shed with doors open. Interior shows two book shelves and chair. Exterior shows green table and two chairs.

Why restrict yourself to using the space inside the shed? Sheds can be built with small patios. The small, elevated space at the front of your shed is the perfect place for simple cafe seating, like in the picture above. This is a wonderful addition to a living space or home office in particular. When the weather allows, the outdoor space becomes an extension of your shed.

Or, as mentioned previously, you can set up outdoor activities and games in the lawn space near the shed, so the materials you need to entertain are never too far away. You may even want to open the doors to your shed when you have guests over so they can move between the spaces easily.

9. Art Studio

Art studio She Shed: Skylight in shed ceiling. Two art prints of flowers on one wall.

It’s difficult to practice art inside a busy household. If you are painting or sculpting, having your own shed to contain the mess can be a lifesaver. And, if you have kids, it keeps them separate from your work, so you don’t have to worry about them ruining your hard work.

If you want to have an indoor studio but also want some natural light (and maybe a view of your backyard garden) for inspiration, choose a shed with customizable windows. It’s even possible to add a skylight to your shed for a bright and airy feel.

10. Social Space

Social space She Shed: Four green chairs facing each other, each with a decorative throw pillow. Two art prints of flowers on one wall. Ceiling light fixture in center of room.

We’ve already suggested a few she shed options that will give you the opportunity to socialize – a bar and a game room – but what about a simple living room? If you want an easy place to chat with friends and enjoy each others’ company, a she shed can function as a beautifully designed space to entertain, with couches and tables. You could even put in a TV or projector to watch movies.

Find Your New She Shed With Heartland Sheds

If you already have a shed in your backyard, you may be able to add a fresh coat of paint and spruce up the inside a little to design your perfect she shed. But, if you’re looking for a new shed, Heartland Sheds offers top-quality wooden sheds of all varieties that will last for years. Consider our Classic Shed or our Ranch Shed for the perfect crafting, social, or studio space.