Justine Silva Is Voted Best of Shed Makers on Making It Season 2

Jun 7

Written by: Jason Bergeron

Heartland Sheds partnership with hit NBC show Making It starring Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman was great exposure for the Heartland brand. The season finale featured some of the best shed makers. The two-hour Shed Hack finale on December 11,  2019 had 3.15 million viewers. The episode now lives on nbc.com for the next year and will garner much more brand exposure.

making it winner with judges

Pictured above: Justine Silva, Simon Doonan, Dayna Isom Johnson, Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler.

Making It Season 2 Winner

This is the second season of the Emmy Nominated show. The best makers from around the country took on a series of projects that challenge their creative skills as ‘Makers.’ In the “Shed Hack” episode the “Making It” makers completely renovated their Heartland Shed into something custom and truly one-of-a-kind. Justine’s Silva’s part work and part play’ shed design shined and was determined the winner of season 2. The NBC show makers each created a backyard escape.


makers shed

The Best of the Makers

Justine out-crafted nine other contestants in a series of ‘maker’ challenges. In an interview before the season began airing, she said that her career in art began in high school. Her art teacher Ed Parker told her that while it might seem impossible, she should never feel bad about trying to make a career out of art. Her victory on ‘Making It’ just reinforces that her dream can come true.

nbc show making it season 2 results who won making it tv show season 2

A Heartland Shed is a place for the things you love to do. With the room to organize and the space to work, a shed can help you unleash your talent. Whatever you do, a shed can make you better at it. Maker Culture is at the epicenter of the Heartland Sheds brand. We consider every shed we sell a Maker Shed. Because our sheds are for the dreamers, the inventors, the creators … the Makers.

Justine Silva

Justine hard at work finding the perfect blend of colors.

making it judges season 2

Making it season two judges Simon Doonan and Dayna Isom Johnson stand by for a one-of-a-kind shed.

Amy Poehler on making it

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?

Justine Silva wins making it season 2

Justine discusses her shed design concept with Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman.

Justin Silva shed hack winner

Justine hard at work on the floor.


Justin Silva won making it show on nbc

Justine Silva – The Master Shed Maker

maker shed

A beautiful and practical design by Justine Silva.

shed gardening idea

Justine finds the perfect placement for plants.

Justine Silva maker add garden plants


shed workbench

A great place to work.

best shed interior designs

Brillant organization system keeps tools organized.

Organization idea for shed makers

A place to sit back and relax.

Simon Doonan making it judge

Judges Simon and Dayna take in the beautiful scenery. 

who won Making it season 2

Making It finalists Lilly Jimenez, Rebecca Proper and Jessie Bearden congratulate Justine.

Nick Offerman with Justine Silva

Nick Offerman congratulates Justine.

Amy Poehler making it shed hack with winner

Amy Poehler and Justine share a moment.

wood shed for makers build

The results of the ultimate shed hack.


The ‘Making It’ shed-hack episode can be viewed on nbc.com. Check out the before and after shots of all the creative custom shed-hack builds here.



If you’d like a shed for the things you love to do check out Heartland Sheds.


Shed Maker Finalists:

lilly jimenez

Image Credit: NBC.com/Making-IT

Rebecca Propes making it finalist

Image Credit: NBC.com/Making-IT



Dayna Isom Johnson making it judge

Image Credit: NBC.com/Making-IT

Dayna Isom Johnson
making it judge Simon Doonan

Image Credit: NBC.com/Making-IT

Simon Doonan