Outdoor Bicycle Storage Shed Ideas for Your Yard

Jun 28

The COVID-19 pandemic altered our society in many ways. One surprising change has been in the cycling world. With many cities leaving lockdown in the spring and summer, many thousands of people who were tired of being stuck at home, but also mindful of social distancing, embraced cycling as a way to get outside.

More than that, according to a report by The Guardian, riding a bike has become a preferred alternative to using public transit, where subways and busses can often help spread coronavirus, to say nothing of a new way to help cooped-up kids disperse some of that pent-up quarantine energy with the family.

Though the trend has really taken off in the southwest (with one agency reporting new ridership of over 100% in 2020, according to the Guardian), all across America, there are more and more new cyclists enjoying the open roads while they can.

Winter, however, always comes around again. When that happens, where will all of these newborn cyclists put all of their shiny new bikes? How will they keep them from weather damage or theft?

An outdoor bicycle storage shed is (of course) the ideal solution, and at Heartland Sheds, we have a variety of options for you to choose from. Here are a few ideas to help you get the most out of storing your bikes for the winter.

wood bicycle storage shed


Prepare Your Bicycles for Storage

As any mechanic or yard worker knows, it’s easier to work outside with your hands when it’s still warm than when it’s cold. Autumn is an ideal time to look over your bike and make all the repairs and adjustments that you’ll need to be in tip top shape for the next cycling season.

Take note of the wear and tear on your tire treads and replace them if they’re a little too smooth. Replace your bearings and take note of bending or warping around the fenders. Remove any signs of rust, especially on the gears and other key areas. If you want a more comfortable seat and handle grip for your long rides, this is the time to replace them.

Now that you’ve prepared your bike, it’s time to look at how to optimize your bicycle storage shed.


modern bicycle shed for storage


Choose a Bicycle Storage Shed That Meets Your Space Needs

How many bikes do you need to store?  How much room do you have on your property? Our outdoor bicycle storage sheds come in dimensions starting from 8×8 and going all the up to 16×10 (see our Bicycle Shed page for more details on specific models). Make sure to position your shed such that you can easily move your bikes in and out of storage.

How you arrange the layout inside your bicycle storage shed also matters. Consider installing mounting brackets on the walls to make the most of the interior space. Don’t forget to include room for your repair and maintenance equipment, including toolboxes, pumps, and extra treads and tires.

Safety and Security During the Winter

While many amateur and professional cyclists will store their bikes for the winter, there are many who still need to cycle to work during the wintertime. However, did you know that winter cyclists are 90% more likely to have their bikes stolen than their seasonal counterparts, according to the FBI? If you are a year-round cyclist, you’ll need to consider securing not only your new bike, but your outdoor bicycle storage shed as well.

Make sure to lock your bicycle inside the shed if you are still using it regularly in the wintertime. Put your lock on the rear side of the bike frame (under the seat and over the gears of the rear wheel) instead of the front tire, which can be removed.

As for your bicycle storage shed, use a heavy lock with a key on the front door. Keep the area around the shed well-lit during the long nights to deter would-be thieves from entering. If thefts are very common in your neighborhood, consider installing a security camera.

(Don’t forget to lock your tool drawers and shelves as well!).


winter shed storage tips


Other Winter Storage Tips for Your Bicycle Storage Shed

If you live in an area with heavy snowfall, clear away any snow that accumulates on the roof of your outdoor bicycle storage shed. This will help reduce the impact of the elements on the wood.

When storing your bicycles, consider covering them with a tarp to further reduce exposure.

If you choose a shed model that lets in sunlight, store your bikes in a place that doesn’t get direct light for long periods of time, as it can cause color fading on exposed areas, especially if you have a leather seat.

Our Classic, Modern, and Ranch models are ideal outdoor bicycle storage sheds. Find out which one is right for you by clicking here!

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